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  • Ana Coli

    Ana Coli

    Ex-jornalista, ex-arquiteta de informação, ex-pesquisadora, ex-UXer, ex-empresária, ex-organizadora de evento. E ainda um pouco disso tudo.

  • Mike Curtis

    Mike Curtis

    (aka Uncle Mikey) How do others experience you? I help amplify people and products through human-centered design. 20+ years in design, e-com, sales, and UX.

  • Renata Tonezi

    Renata Tonezi

    Especialista de estratégia / pesquisa e forecasting / UX / Investigadora de futuros no Itaú. Professora na TERA, Anhembi Morumbi e WIS. Eterna aprendiz ❤

  • Indi Young

    Indi Young

    Freelance problem space researcher helping digital clients find opportunities to support diversity; author & speaker; www.indiyoung.com; cofounder Adaptive Path

  • Molly Stevens

    Molly Stevens

    20+ years experience in understanding customer needs in a variety of domains around the globe. She is currently the Director of Research at Booking.com

  • Anderson Gomes

    Anderson Gomes

    Head of Design at Youse

  • Austin Schlichtman

    Austin Schlichtman

  • Musketeers


    Musketeers are Employee Experience Designers. We help organisations transform their Employee Experience through human centred design. www.wearemusketeers.com

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