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  • John Mortimer

    John Mortimer

    a real public sector service design blog. https://www.improconsult.co.uk/portfolio.html

  • Jinan Kb

    Jinan Kb

    Victim of modern education, cognitively rewired to understand WORD instead of WORLD. Exploring KNOWLEDGE making process instead of analyzing 2nd hnd information

  • Kate Conrick

    Kate Conrick

    A Service Designer working to make government a little bit better in Australia. Cat lover / Garden grower. Stuff maker / Food eater.

  • George Aye

    George Aye

    Co-Founder and Director of Innovation at Greater Good Studio. Full Professor (Adj) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

  • Howard Chen

    Howard Chen

    A believer of design innovation. Big design & art geek.

  • Jon Barnett

    Jon Barnett

    Simplicity, strategy and service at BBVA

  • Ana Coli

    Ana Coli

    Ex-jornalista, ex-arquiteta de informação, ex-pesquisadora, ex-UXer, ex-empresária, ex-organizadora de evento. E ainda um pouco disso tudo.

  • Mike Curtis

    Mike Curtis

    Senior UX Designer @Indeed / I help people get jobs / Top writer on Medium / Helping you design the UX of you / 20+ years in design, marketing, & sales.

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